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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Since It is February: Love Poem in a Snow Storm

This poem arose out of a prompt from one single impression.  The prompt was "single".  I am loving all of these poetry blogs and prompts!  I just love everything about poetry and am really excited to be a part of the online world of poetry.  I wish I knew such great poets were online before!!

Love Poem in a Snow Storm

Eyes, like the greatest days of childhood,
Cool blue pool, carribean sky, almost scared
to just jump.
Sound, breath, smiles, laughter,
we are red against white, song against silence.
Who knew a man could have such softness against
such strength, textures, touch, olive perfection.
My fragility shatters
like the webs radiating across a pond.
A white storm, a nascent dream, a room opening in on itself;
the sunlight filters through a slit in blue cotton curtains;
everything becomes
light light light.


  1. Such beautiful words.
    You'll find mine here.

  2. really lovely! :)
    there are lot of great poets out there indeed!

    join in at OSI each week, u can read and be read, for u r quite a lovely writer urself! :)