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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poem: The Wallpaper

I am participating for the first time in's Thursday "get your poem on".  They have some excellent poets who you can check out at  Here is my creation from the prompt that was given:

The Wallpaper
torn down.
piece by piece,
a brown skin dyed with
pain, truth, and the strange matters of marriage.

it would be easier to forget,
just paint over it,
no scraping the glue that
never held quite right;
or the little paper bits
that remain like remnants of
remembered hurts.

we wrote on it,
painted on it,
drew pictures of our desires
as if it were magical,
as if it could grant
perfect harmony.

we stand staring, now,
at all we hoped for
crumbling, decaying at our feet,
glue browned with time like old blood,
wondering how much sorrow
a house can hold.


  1. I enjoyed this piece. There is a lot of sadness here, nicely done.


  2. wow....lots going on here....and a good read....thanks for this

  3. glue browned with time like old blood.

    Great image!! Very much evokes the emotional death of a relationship. WEll done.

  4. Nostalgic sadness at the dissolution of a relationship.beautiful